Escape From The Island Of The Lost - Part 2

So now lets find out how to satisfy thirst. We walk over to the Raft Shop, which also sells Bottles...
Once inside, we click COMMERCE - BUY OR SELL (or just click the bottle sitting on the table), and you will see the buy and sell menu.
If we had logs or glass, we could earn money by selling them to the shopkeeper, but we don't have any of those things.

Just click the picture of the bottle to buy one.
Notice your Ducats have gone down, and the empty bottle has been placed in your Backpack!
Now to fill the bottle. Go outside and find the Public Well, and get close to it.
Click the bottle in your backpack, to bring up the menu for that item.

Click the USE button to use the bottle.
Notice that in your Backpack, the empty bottle has been filled with water!
CLick the filled bottle, and then click CONSUME to drink the water. Your Thirst will have been satisfied.

Once you are playing the game, you will discover that many people run shops that sell ready-to-drink items, like bottles or wine or beer. But in a pinch, you can always go to a Public Well.
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