Escape From The Island Of The Lost - Part 1

OK! Here you are, on the beautiful little Lost Island!

There is a Public Well, a General Store a Garden. It's a quiet place.
Better check our supplies. Hunger and Thirst - 100 - check! (100 is filled to the max}.

Life - 100 - check!

No equipment in my Backpack - no surprise.

And only 50 Ducats !!!
Let's do some exploring, see what's on this island, and verify that it's really an island.

Yes - water to the East - we can't cross.
And water to the West, we can't cross here either.

That ominous-looking Castle with the scales is the Hall Of Justice. You can go inside if you like!
On the North end of the island, you find Apple Trees! Are there any apples on the ground? If so, get close to one and right-click it!
That will bring up information about the apple. If you choose to pick it up, it will be placed in your backpack!
There it is!
Click it in your Backpack to bring up a backpack item menu. You can leave it in your backpack (Keep), drop it on the ground, offer it for sale to other players, or eat it (Consume).

If you have been walking around the island, you might be hungry. Maybe you better just eat it!
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